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This page contains information for booking The Bentley Boys for private functions, weddings, festivals and events. It also includes pricing information, information about band services and scheduling ideas and other suggestions.

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You can also get tips and info on our FAQs page about booking us for a wedding – this link is a really useful way of doing some homework on booking any band for a wedding and private functions.

If you had something in mind a little more exciting than your average tired old wedding band then The Bentley Boys might be for you. The Bentley Boys not only play a real variety of styles, including all your favourite party tunes, but they play them like no other band in town. The band offers a music plan for weddings that involves any, or all of 3 parts:


After dinner and the formalities, if you are looking to get everyone onto the dance-floor and turn your wedding into a real party, then you really need a serious band! This is where The Bentley Boys have earned their reputation – playing music for the dance floor! We offer you different band sizes from a three piece right up to a 14 piece band so you can configure the band that is perfect for you.


Earlier in the day, during the drinks receptions, having some background music creates a magical atmosphere. We offer you the option of adding a one to three piece jazz ensemble to really set the mood as guests are arriving and enjoying their drinks. You can really see the toes starting to tap! We also offer other forms of reception entertainment such as classical or traditional music, the choice is yours!

The bentley boys drum player


We provide a one stop shop for your wedding evenings entertainment. Often there is a lengthy change-over between band and DJ due to changing all light and sound gear, which can cause a loss of momentum in the party atmosphere. To ensure that the night’s entertainment flows with no intervals or breaks, the band also provides the option for a high quality DJ service to follow on from the band. As there is only one set of light and sound equipment being used, this means there is no messy setup while the band are playing, and no breakdown of band gear while the DJ is playing,  allowing for a more seamless entertainment experience.


Depending on your own requirements, you can choose to add our drinks reception and Wedding DJ service to your personal taste in music. This way you can be assured that you are getting the best quality music without the hassle, expense and disturbance of organizing 3 different bands/providers to set up and sound-check for the occasion. You also get a unique mix of styles throughout the day, from classical, old-school rock, celtic, swing, jazz and top 40, all customised to meet the tastes of you and your guests.

The Bentley Boys Bass player


This is the interesting part – you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at how little The Bentley Boys charge for a band in this quality bracket. We calculate price depending on how many musicians you want and how many services you want us to provide. We are self managed and we can effectively do the job of many different bands over the course of a day. We are not managed by an agent so you get to cut out the middle man as well and deal directly with the band themselves. We also use top of the range sound equipment, so you can be guaranteed the best of everything for your big day.

For most events we suggest a recommended budget of around €1,500 to €3,500, although many people choose a budget outside these figures. Call or email info@bentleyboys.ie for a quote for the exact size and configuration of band that interests you. Or for an obligation-free chat, or for information on how to book The Bentley Boys, please call us. Further details on Contact Us.


Come and see The Bentley Boys in action before booking them. At our regular showcase/rehearsal gigs, you can meet and chat with the musicians, see the different band sizes and configurations, and really experience the amazing sound and “feel” that many say set us apart from the pack. You will walk away with a really good idea of how you’d like to run the music at your event. Our showcases are a really fun night out and don’t forget, bring your dancin’ shoes!

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The Bentley Boys bass player
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